Claiming No Wager Bonus Offers - A Complete 2024 Guide

No Wagering Casino Bonuses

Sometimes you've got to start from the very bottom to make your way up. That is exactly what's happening in this post! We'll be making sure you understand what a casino bonus is and what no wagering means.

It's like the quote, "in order to be really good at something, you've got to suck at it first". You might feel a little confused and out of your league, and that's okay. I'll whip you into shape in no time. Let's get started then!

Elements of a No Wager Casino Bonus & What It Is

Remember in grade school you had all those vocabulary worksheets? Well, put on your memory caps!

  • No Wager - An offer from a casino in which no deposit, bet, nor wager is needed for you to partake.
  • Casino Bonus - A promotional gift either welcoming or rewarding a new or existing player for creating an account or regular use of services.

That wasn't as bad as fourth grade, was it? Anyway, a casino usually promotes offers either for their loyal guests or incentivizing new players to sign up. The offer is usually a welcome package or a free gift, but the best kind of offer is one where no wagering is needed. Why? Don't rush! We'll get there.

Variations of No Wagering

You can certainly expect many types of no wagering offers from online betting sites. Some of the most common ones you'll come across are the free spins, cashback rewards, the no deposit bonus.

No deposit differs from no wager. First, a no deposit casino bonus usually means low wagering, not no wagering. There are also typically lower withdrawal requirements associated with no deposit because you've given some money to the house. As opposed to a no wager where requirements are high.


  • You Lose Zero Money - The main advantage to the no wager offer is that you lose none of your own money. Since you didn't make a deposit, whatever you lose is on them!
  • Possibility of Earning Real Money - You do run the chance of winning real money! It's possible or the lure wouldn't be there. It just might be a little hard to attain. We'll see why.
  • Trial Period, Risk-Free! - No wagering is a savvy way of demoing a site. A lot of players note using this offer as a free trial. They don't have many goals to win big, perhaps not even withdraw; only to see if they like the casino and its workings.


  • High Withdrawal Requirements - Casinos can't give everything away so they've implemented high withdrawal requirements to keep us all on our toes. Unattainable withdrawal requirements are exactly as they sound, no achievable. So before you start thinking you can have that pretty win in your bank account, hold on. Check any withdrawal requirements!

Other Types of a Casino Bonus

A casino bonus is meant to draw you in or keep you around. So if you're a new player, you could be gifted with a welcome package. As a returning player, your VIP program may reward you with free spins! The individual casinos set their own rules for promotions so they will be different, but a tad similar throughout.

A welcome package may include a match on your first deposit, free playtime, or bonus cash! Welcome offers like to get you warmed up. Rewards can be different, with point systems, levels, and tiers. Faster payout times and waived banking fees are normal of VIP programs, they're definitely worth joining if you're a frequent user.

Why Does Everyone Want a No Wager Gift?

No wagering is popular in the lay of the casino bonus. It's wanted because new players (and regular!) assume that a free bet means free winnings! Unfortunately, this is not the case and the no wager world has thought of that one.

Sure, the chance at free real money wins is quite appealing. What isn't appealing is 20 hours of your life you can't get back from trying to hunt a casino down. Sorry, not doing that! We'll go over how to avoid that in a second! No Wagering Bonuses For You

Winning from a Casino Bonus

Winning from a no wager offer or any casino bonus certainly can be done. But it's more likely that it won't happen right away. When you win from no wagering, you'll probably end up having to deposit some more money to keep playing. Once you hit withdraw requirements, you can request a payout!

So, it's more probable to say you'll end up taking any earnings you do win from this type of offer and use it as a jumping pad for the next bet or game. Players find ways to stretch their casino bonuses to their advantage. Be like them!

How to Claim a No Wager Coupon Code

Most often an account needs to be created so you can claim your casino bonus. So first and foremost; do that. Once in the player's interface or portal, find any menu options for banking or deposits. It's in that section any code you acquired may be entered. After that's taken place any promotions or no wager offers should be available for use!

Games Available

I hope you like slots! The most recurring no wager bonus available is the offer for free spins. Coming in all sorts of ranges, 10 to 25, 25-100, free spins can be redeemed from many different popular casinos.

You can sometimes receive a defined amount of free gameplay on the site, making your options for games to play vaster than just slots. Gameplay can include the whole casino's portfolio of traditional games and specialty ones. No wager options are available in the form of free demo gameplay.

Secret Places for For This Type of Bets

If you're willing to venture for it, a no wager casino bonus can be found in not so obvious spots. As mentioned earlier, these types of offers can be found in loyalty programs and invite-only VIP sections of casinos. These are often super juicy promotions that only the highest spenders (and winners) are offered.

You can also look in the comment section of recent popular posts. New players that have not long ago signed up, like yourself, usually comment with any issues or codes they used for extra incentives.

A Similar Offer, Low Betting

There's a cousin to no wagering and that is the low wager offer. It's similar but differs in the fact that some money will be required for a low wager bonus. It usually sits around $10 but can be upwards of $50. Once you make the first deposit, any promised casino bonus will be yours for the taking. Good news is that your chances at real money wins just increased as well as the chance at actually seeing your payout.

Mobile Gameplay

You might be wondering if you can do this all from your phone. Sure, can! That being said, casinos so use different software to provide you games and some of those software people haven't quite gotten all your favorite games to be mobile-friendly. Some of the games you played on your computer may not be able to play on your phone. Double-check, though! Casinos are adapting at a rapid pace.

Bet Requirements and What You Should Know

Wager required or no wager at all, always review your T&CS! Terms, conditions, and requirements can make or break a casino bonus. You see, that no wager offer seems great. At first. Then once you head over to the casino's website as we suggest, you realize their bonus conditions are outlandish and could never be met. Especially not for free, like you had hoped.

Casino bonus terms should be easy to find! And if they're not, that could be a tiny red flag we see appearing in the distance.

Frequently Asked Questions about Casino Bonus - FAQ

  • Can you withdraw casino bonus? - Usually not. The casino bonus is meant to keep you playing at a particular site. And it's the terms and conditions that will keep you there. What you can withdraw is your earnings down the road once all fulfillments are met.
  • Can you avoid wagering requirements? - You can avoid requirements from no wager bets by reading the fine print. There's usually no way around it unless you're a hacker or smarter than program developers. You can only do your part and read all of the requirements to make sure you can actually meet them.

Last Words

As we finish up, it's with the intent you can make smarter decisions moving forward. Casino jargon can be detrimental to a new player who is just looking for a new place to play slots. Other users have had bad experiences which left awful tastes in their mouth. We're just trying to avoid that. So read the fine print! And happy spinning!